Thursday, May 15, 2008

The GENE COLAN medical appeal

This arrived in my inbox earlier, and I'm honoured to run it. Please give generously to this fine cause.

"Gene Colan is very ill and in hospital. My friend Clifford Meth, an American writer, is helping raise money for Gene Colan's family to cover medical expenses, as they don't have comprehensive Medical Insurance. They are arranging an auction. Gene's one of the greats, and I'm hoping you'll all want to contribute, a piece of art for the auction, a signed script, or book.

Here's a link to Cliff's Blog with details...
Please pass on this appeal to other artists and writers. Hopefully some collectors
will donate as well.

Thanks Everyone.

Your appreciatively,

Rufus Dayglo"



Thank you for posting this... Now if you can just introduce me to Shane MacGowan, I'll have everything.

Mark said...

Unfortunately, Shane and I haven't been on speaking terms since "the incident" in Bangkok.