Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Click through for this year's head-scratching EAGLE AWARD winners.

Ah, the Eagle Awards. Winners either side of the Atlantic used to stick that groovy logo on their covers with pride. Once the premier award ceremony in the entire Anglophone world, now just a half-hearted jolly-up at a minor comics convention. You might call this year's awards announcements leaking out a couple of days after the event likeably shambolic, or you might stick with plain ol' "half-arsed amateurism". It hardly matters (and there's my point right there): the winners are the usual mix of "fair enough" and "wha'th'fuck?!".

Best magazine about comics - WIZARD?! Best comics related website - MARVEL.COM?!
Ugh. Dont get me started.


Dan McDaid said...


Good God.