Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bloody Frogs.

Before he retired and went into the teaching lark, Herb Trimpe had a very long career in comics, mainly due to his ability to ape prevailing styles. He got in at Marvel due to his Kirbyesque ways, stayed there throughout the seventies, where he put a much-loved run in on THE INCREDIBLE HULK (including the first appearance of Wolverine, though I believe that character was designed by Marvel's then-artistic director, John Romita); over here we love him for his work on CAPTAIN BRITAIN WEEKLY; he pencilled the first three issues of the wonderful MACHINE MAN mini-series usually attributed wholly to Barry Windsor Smith in the mid-eighties; and by the nineties he was being rediscovered by a generation who knew him only for his Liefeld-esque work on titles like G.I. JOE.

So now that he's re-emerged to draw BPRD: WAR ON FROGS, would you be at all surprised to hear he does a pretty spot-on take of Guy Davis's style?


WJC said...

That is an uncanny resemblance and no mistake.

Dan McDaid said...

Unbelievable. I never liked Trimpe much, but this is astonishing.

RAB said...

I missed this at CBR owing to not paying attention, so thanks for bringing it up here!

Unlike Dan (it takes all kinds) I liked Trimpe a lot back in the day. Especially for that Hulk run, though I was even more pleased by a few issues of Captain America he did with Englehart. I'm glad to see him doing one more comic. It never sat right that an artist with his distinguished career ended it on such bad terms (that never does sit right, no matter how many times it happens) and even if this is a one-shot swan song I'm glad to see it as a way of correcting the final score.

Paul Rainey said...

That's Trimpe?! Wicked!

Simon said...

I'm rather tackled by this one too.... Seen it before on the Dark Horse page, but got the feeling they had the wrong story uploaded or whatever.
I don't mean to be an ass or anything - and don't know why I say this here - but I'm not gonna buy this one. It's like Guy, only without the dynamic and detailed Roundnes to it.

A bit confusing.