Saturday, April 05, 2008

Oh, my stars and garters.

Ooh, I'd stay and do some actual content, but I've got "Les Paul Back", an actual medical condition caused by using rocking muscles that had previously been allowed to atrophy. Hopefully I'll follow this up with some photographic evidence soon.


RAB said...

Little know fact: the general public believes that Les Paul lost mobility in his right arm due to an auto crash in 1948. Only the select few know the truth* that his arm was actually paralyzed by the energy of his own sheer awesomeness, far greater than any human form can safely contain. Hence your own present condition, brought about by trying to channel too much sheer rocking through bone and muscle never meant to sustain such mighty force. Petra omnia vincit!**

* It's safe to disclose this truth here because anyone who reads this blog is, by definition, a member of the inner circle.

** I think I just coined that.

sean witzke said...

At least you can blame your back injury on a sheer zazz overload.

Mark said...

As opposed to the usual: careless repositioning during frantic love-making.