Sunday, April 13, 2008

My first award.

Oh Lordy. Thanks, Ig. I'll try and use it only for good. Of course, the hard part is having to do the meme part and nominate 10 other blogs. I check in on dozens regularly, but here's 10 I mightn't have been effusive about enough before. In no particular order, other than how they're sitting in my Bookmarks folders.

1. Paul Rainey's 2000AD blog slog. Paul, you haven't updated in over a week. Is all the thrillpower burning you out? Should I call for help?
2. PJ Holden's Notes From The Drawing Board. Probably the most honest, revealing and candid blog by a comic creator out there. Making a living at this comics malarkey sure seems harder than it looks.
3. FPI's blog log. Always a good source for the more UK/Euro-oriented news.
4. Joel Meadows' Walls & Bridges. Joel's my favourite UK comic book interviewer, so it's always good to find out what he's up to next.
5. There's a lot of self-styled comics reviewers out there who just do yer head in. And then there's Jog.
6. Everyone knows and loves and checks daily at Drawn, but do you also know and love Lines and Colours? Well, you do now.
7. Sod Paul Pope's main blog. His Flickr page is where the action really is.
8. I can't differentiate between my San Fran biblio-pals Ammie and Trevor. And now you don't have to either.
9. Sean over at Supervillain is a likeable kid with great taste in music. If I absolutely, positively had to adopt a blogger, it'd be him.
10. Ooh, it's number ten already, and I can think of at least a couple more I'd like to tag. Can I cheat a bit? Estoreal and Redhead Fangirl. There. I don't think anyone'll complain, do you?


RAB said...

I am so unworthy.

Mark said...

Yeah, that's why I left you practically to the end.

Paul Rainey said...

Thanks for the mention, Mark. I'm back posting the Prog Slog updates again. I didn't encounter thrill power overload as some might think. Three seperate consignments from Amazon UK, Amazon US and ebay arrived at once so a took a week off to read those. Keep up the good work!

saudade said...

Aw, cheers Mark!

Though if you can't tell Trevor from me, you may need to drink less. ;)

saudade said...

Wow, and may I say, glad you did this. I think I will be filling up some space in my blogroll with links to your reads. Good taste, my friend.

Lubbert Das said...

Well deserved. Who would have thought a guy from Carrickfergus could impart so much pop culture insight!

RedheadFangirl said...

Cool that you were nominated through a guitar blog. I'll play an Em for you!

joelmead said...

Thanks for picking my blog. I do try and talk about interesting things (don't know if I always succeed)

PJ Holden said...

Took me awhile to get to this, but yay! go me! I won an award for ... I dunno, whining about being rubbish at drawing, I suppose. :)

- pj