Saturday, April 12, 2008

Meet my leetle fren'.

Mid-life crisis ahoy... Selling a custom shop 336 and buying a Les Paul BFG may be the guitarist equivalent of selling your Volvo estate and buying a Porsche. A seriously ratted out Porsche.

Note that I'm running it through a simulation of a Marshall Plexi on the 'puter. With the channels bridged by a tiny little simulated patch lead. Cute. Picture by Northern Ireland's number one Eddie Van Halen tribute act, Chris Martin. No, not that Chris Martin.

Now I have to think of a name for it - your suggestions, please.


Trevor said...

Hmmm...a name for it eh?

I would put out for your discernment three choices:

Lord Giddyup

A Hammering Notation (of DOOM!)

Greta (don't ask me why)

RAB said...

Is that a soapbar pickup in the neck position? I'm in love.

Call it Pussy Galore.

Mark said...

Can't call it Greta - I work with a Greta: she'd get confused/the wrong idea entirely.

Pussy Galore - would work with the Gold(finger) top, I suppose, though it's a tad overtly sexual in relation to an inanimate object.

WJC said...

Sir Chops-A-Lot?
Girdle of Fire?
I'm not you'll get better than Lord Giddyup (though maybe Lady Giddyup for a pinch of sass)

RAB said...

Of course there's nothing overtly sexual about a guitar with its voluptuous curves and narrow waist, an inanimate object you rest on your knee while cradling it in your arms, running your fingers along its length as you twist and pull at various bits of it so as to produce a pleasing sound...

...excuse me, I have to take the pills now.

Mark said...

Yeah, Lady Giddyup it is. Cheers, guys!

Mark said...

Sounds like it's not pills you need, RAB. It's a cold shower.

saudade said...

Nice pic, Mark. You look like you've recovered fully from your LPB.

@ RAB -- that's why we women love guitarists. Or bassists, if we want it rough.

Trevor said...

Rab, you need neither pills nor showers--just look at the Milk ad a few posts up--you just need a couple of hot back-up singers and a loin-cloth.