Sunday, April 20, 2008

DC Direct launch new dust traps at NYCC.

In honour of RAB's frontline reportage: DC Direct's second wave of Fourth World action figures (or "dolls" to you and me).

The Kirbyfied Superman looks shifty. What's he up to? Bloody aliens.

Metron. No wonder he seems so unhappy: look how tight his pants are.

Barda. I always thought, behind the scenes, between the lines, her and Scott Free probably had the filthiest sex life of all the DC superheroes. Yes, even more than the Dibneys. Those crazy perverted Dibneys.


RAB said...

As I expected, that demented not-actually-Kirby Superman doesn't look any better in the cold light of day.

Rand Hoppe of the Jack Kirby Museum suggests that if DC Direct were to do a truly authentic figure, they'd have to first design a perfect Kirby Superman head...then toss it in the trash and replace it with a Murphy Anderson Superman head.

Which I would buy.

Thing is, their Frank Quietly All Star Superman and Super-Lois figures are perfect. They clearly have sculptors who can do justice to an artist's individual style. So, you know, it's too bad they didn't use someone who could go that extra yard for the King.

Mark said...

The first batch seemed pretty well done to me: I don't suppose there's still hope that these are prototypes rushed out for the NYCC?