Monday, April 14, 2008

DC caught soliciting for July 2008.

A couple of years ago, Darwyn Cooke told Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray that if they wrote a script taking JONAH HEX to Canada, he'd draw it. Looks like they got 'round to it.

Looks like the recoloured, resized, HEAVY LIQUID hardback that was done for Dargaud will be coming out in English, too, via Vertigo. Saves me navigating, I suppose. Oh, and well recommended.

And! Because no-one demanded it! A G'Nort action figure! No, seriously - what the fu*k?

Oh, and finally - more proof the new THE SPIRIT movie is all about the Frank Miller: this. Nuh-huh!


Dan McDaid said...

That G'Nort... That G'Nort looks like Alan Moore.

Mark said...

Item! DC's secret agenda against Alan Moore takes new, cute, twist!