Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Powered by inertia.

Should have linked to this a week ago, but didn't, due to laziness/forgetfulness: more TANK GIRL from IDW in the works - looks like it'll be out before the proposed Alan Martin/Mick McMahon series from Titan, or even before the shorts Alan and Rufus will be doing in THE MEGAZINE.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark.

you've been quoted on the back of my new Tank Girl novel ARMADILLO! AND A BUSHEL OF OTHER STORIES.

Sneak into your local W H Smiths and have a gander.

Hope Santa has been good to you this Easter,


Mark said...

Woo-hoo! I'm officially a blurb!

Finally! I've been bloody angling for this since the blog started!

Next stop, movie posters!