Friday, March 07, 2008

Morrison Hotel.

No sooner had Grant Morrison declared on Newsarama that he wanted to work with "some unusual artists whove never drawn the character before" on some post-ALL STAR SUPERMAN specials, than Chris Weston stuck his hand up and asked to be put in the reckoning for one. Weston's an obvious choice: his innate classicism would make him a great candidate, never mind the fact that he and Morrison have an entire back catalogue of work together at Vertigo that proves their simpatico.

Alongside Weston, I'd like to nominate Brendan McCarthy: Macca is an obvious influence on both Morrison and Quitely; we all know he'd handle Grant's "fourth dimensional" scripts with ease, 'cus he's been doing the same tricks for decades; and though known for being regarded as far out, his work on SOLO #12 suggests he can be respectful enough towards DC's iconography, and holds the same generation of silver-age creators Morrison venerates in a similar regard.

The main problem for both these guys is the piece makes it sound that artists have already been selected for these projects ("so well see if we can work it out with the guys I have in mind"), so if they haven't been approached already, maybe they never will. So howzabout this instead: Brendan McCarthy for ALL STAR FLASH! Sure, who read SOLO #12 (don't forget - the best selling direct sales comic in Leeds, ever, folks) and didn't think this should happen? C'mon - if we all click our heels together at the same time, maybe we can make it so!


RAB said...

Yeah, I'd pay good cash money to see more of that Flash.

For me, McCarthy and Morrison seem like a redundant pair -- Brendan is more than capable of being his own Morrison and doesn't need anyone else to provide whacky ideas. The best comics writer for him (if he chose to have one at all) would be the sort who could ground his ideas in prosaic, mundane detail and more conventional storytelling. This is something Mr. Milligan brought to the table in their collaborations and it seemed to work out pretty well!

Mark said...

Yeah, though after SOLO #12, I think Brendan can do the whole deal himself. But McCarthy and Milligan did bring out the best in each other.