Friday, March 21, 2008

Cop a load of this Andy Suriano bloke, fer starters.

If there's one rule comics has taught me, it's Joe Casey + Kirbyesque artist = good comic. So I liked the look of this (plenty of sample pages here - no really, click this link, I urge yeh, and more plus some production stuff over here) in the new Image solicitations.

And also in the Image solicits, here's a trade I was waiting to show up for a while: with work by two cracking artists (for the price of one), Frank Espinosa and Toby Cypress.


wolfboy said...

Thanks for the nod, mate!

Mark said...

You're very welcome - digging your stuff!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Boy that Killing Girl has right long legs !! She looks like one mean gal !

Mark said...

Les Dennis: "Name a bird with long legs"
Andrew: "Killing Girl"