Saturday, March 29, 2008

Can I get a witness?

Cop a load of the comments at the end of this blog entry and try not to weep. I'll call it a form of Stockholm syndrome - super hero comics fans have been trapped in this bizarre abusive relationship with these corporations for so long that they've actually started to take their side. Addicts siding with pushers, because they can't comprehend a life without the lousy product foisted upon them. Good God, y'all.


Paul Rainey said...

Mark, why did you post that link. I'm sobbing here.

Dan McDaid said...

Miserable, innit? More proof that comics fans hate humanity and hate themselves. And yet, we're addicted. Nng.

Mark said...

It's a conundrum. I still buy more than my fair share of work-for-hire comics myself. As long as we do so, but continue to loudly lobby these companies that we'll only buy their stuff as long as they sort out their depression-era business ethics, then that's a start. I hope.