Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Tinbot.

I'm on these guys' mailing list somehow, possibly because I'm on a database of Jock fans with iPods on some evil master computer ran by the CIA, the Scientologists or the Catholic Church. Or the Masons.

Anyway, if I heartily endorse your product, will you send me one? Mmm! They're great!


saudade said...

I once moved into a house formerly occupied by people who left a ton of shit behind, and who happened to be Scientologists (they were filthy too, but I suppose that isn't related). The basement was filled with boxes of files on people who had bought Dianetics in the 80s from various bookstores, and attached to these files were call records of Church of Scientology members calling them to try to get them to join. So you're not far off.