Thursday, February 14, 2008

linky dinks

Sean sent me this early in the morning while I was away from t'blog: PHOO ACTION commissioned for a series. Jolly good.

And I saw this, too: Coens to adapt Chabon novel. Unfortunately not the one currently being ruined by others, nor the one you're itching to see hit the big screen. But the one with the most Coens-y milieu, so it's alright.


saudade said...

Wow, great news! Haven't read the book yet (and starting No Country for Old Men this weekend before I can watch the film); in fact, haven;t read any of Chabon, so I suppose this will be a good place to start. Thanks!

sean witzke said...

Just watched it. Oh man, that's good tv. I hope to hell they keep up the quality, because thats the kind of pilot that could go down with Lookwell (
as one of the great pilots.
Then again, cute cirls in hot pants and Carl Weathers could make me watch the freaking O.C.

Anonymous said...

" I love it! "

" It's funny, action-packed, stylish and streetwise! "#

Brilliant adaption,
the casting is suberb,
Harry and William are a scream,
and Whitey and Phoo are bang on.

Not to mention the costume and
production design.


# Get the Freebies ep1.