Sunday, February 10, 2008

In lieu of some real content, here's some links...

Sometimes I think that as great as STARMAN was, it's had something of a negative effect on the DC Universe line, as writers like Geoff Johns and Brad Meltzer riff on it to diminishing returns. But hey ho, James Robinson has been named the new writer of flagship title SUPERMAN.

I think everyone on the internet (well, everyone on The Drawing Board or Millarworld) knows how Y THE LAST MAN artist Pia Guerra has been dropping hints for ages that she'd love to draw DOCTOR WHO. Well, now she's getting the chance.

Hey, want to see some preview pages from the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby FANTASTIC FOUR: THE LOST ADVENTURE? Of course you do. Scroll down past the first couple of crappy efforts to get to the real deal. I was worried that this would be something of a travesty, given its tortuous history, but it looks alright. At one point, it was also going to be split-published in "modern" form, scripted from Jack's art and notes by Mark Millar, and maybe inked by Danny Miki. In fact, I was actively agitating to get Bill Crabtree the gig as the book's colourist, due to his amazing work on the Kirby-as-genre hit GODLAND. But this idea seems to have fallen by the wayside.


Dan McDaid said...

God, no, Danny Miki. Scratch scratch scratch scratch. Urgh, horrible. He's alright over Romita Jr (have you seen their work together on Eternals?), but you need someone bolder for Kirby. For God's sake man, buy yourself a brush!

That's pretty good news about Pia Guerra tho. She's a good storyteller, with a clean, unfussy style... remember Chaz Truog from Grant Morrison's Animal Man run? She reminds me of him - in a good way.

Mark said...

I barely know Miki's work (only seen it on Quesada, that I can remember, and in my book the only inker for Joey Q is Kevin Nowlan), but my preference would have been to go Pop with a capital P with the project, get Mike Allred to ink it, and Crabtree to colour it in the same style he uses on Godland.

I love Sinnott's inks on Kirby, but Allred would be more-Sinnott-than-Sinnott-himself these days.