Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Flip you, melon farmer.

The best art seeps into the way you process the world, the best literature affects your speech patterns. Alex Cox's REPO MAN script is the reason why I still refer to my customers as "ordinary f*cking people". Behind their backs, of course. I'll also credit Cox as a fine educator, giving me the crash course in cult cinema thanks to his MOVIEDROME series I watched religiously as a young whippersnapper on Sunday nights. Woah - I never realised that before: Moviedrome was my f*cking church, man!

So yeah, I'm curious to hear Cox is debuting the unproduced sequel to the '84 classic in comic book form: WALDO 'S HAWAIIAN HOLIDAY.

Hey man, wanna earn ten dollars?


Lubbert Das said...

I think Moviedrome was where I first introduced to the flick THE BABY, which I must continually thank Mr Cox for. Between that and Channel 4`s Red Light Zone I was sufficiently educated in the more "esoteric" realm of cinema. Though in fairness the Red Light Zone was more about the possibility of seeing some T&A.;

Belfast Gonzo said...

And didn't some bloke from Ballymena with a dodgy accent replace Cox on Moviedrome?

Mark something.

Mark said...

Mark Cousins.

I liked his accent. Very restful.