Monday, February 18, 2008

The British Invasion.

The latest Marvel solicitations aren't out until tomorrow sometime, but if you scope out the various news sites tonight, you'll see they've divided up most of their titles into "exclusive solicitation previews" anyway. Just one title has caught my fancy so far, which seems to be a bridging title between Paul Cornell's excellent WISDOM series (hey, and his episode of PRIMEVAL last Saturday was rather top hole, too) and his upcoming EXCALIBUR relaunch. Plus, looks like poor old John The Skrull is going to get dragged into SECRET INVASION. A while ago, I advocated that they should make the new Excalibur a super-group (in the non-comics sense, naturally) of British Marvel characters, mentioning Night Raven as being particularly worth re-using. Of course, after saying that, I realised the Night Raven stories were never set in the UK, but that hardly means a writer worth his salt couldn't figure out a way to make it so. Looks like Cornell is going the super-group route: the cover seems to include Pete Wisdom, Spitfire, Roma and Black Knight. Alan Davis-baiting cover by Hitchy, interiors penciled by Leonard Kirk. Oi, he's not a Brit.

*UPDATE* Turns out CAPTAIN BRITAIN & MI:13 is the new EXCALIBUR series, without all that pointless X-baggage that comes with the old title. Fair does. Here's an interview with Cornell on the subject.


Paul Rainey said...

My dream Marvel superteam would be Ant Man, Nick Fury, The Black Knight, Captian Britain, Night Raven and The Hulk. What do you think to that? :-)

Mark said...

My dream Marvel supergroup would be Ginger Baker, Steve Winwood, John Paul Jones and The Vision.