Monday, January 21, 2008

yer actual Dave Gibbons

Seeing how I mentioned it last time, I thought I'd elucidate with this link: preview pages of IDW's DOCTOR WHO CLASSICS, featuring Charlie Kirchoff's colours over Dave Gibbons' artwork. It's a hard job colouring pages that previously saw life in glorious monotone: for starters, artists tend to throw a lot more black around in the quest for contrast, leaving you, the humble underpaid colourist, less room to strut your funkadelic stuff. I like to think here that Kirchoff's work lends Gibbons something of the quality of the great artists of the UK's lithoprint comics heyday, yer Bellamys, yer Embletons.


Dan McDaid said...

And I think yer spot on. I'm pleasantly surprised how restrained and sympathetic this colour job is. Compare with, say, the colours on Ultimates 3... And then do a little cry.

Mark said...

Yet ULTIMATES 3 #1 was just announced as the top selling comic for December.


Swinebread said...