Thursday, January 31, 2008

Piper at the Gates Of Decency.

Here's a cartoon of Billie Piper by the great Roger Langridge, taken totally out of context. And looking at it strictly out of context, you'd totally think, wow, there's a low level, kinda Robert Crumbesque, Devil Woman-type misogyny going on there. No offence, Roger, I'm sure you're a well adjusted guy. For a Kiwi (voices off - "Baaaa!").

You'd need to be some kind of pervert to find that attractive, eh? Y'know, a guy with a stump-f*cking fetish or something (like THE MIGHTY BOOSH's The Hitcher, perhaps). *ahem*


Dan McDaid said...

Context: actually, you can blame Gareth Roberts for this one. The illo was done for a DWM review of his book Only Human. Rose has her head removed in that (and I'm pretty sure she ends up in a fur bikini... God, that can't be right, can it? Maybe I dreamt that bit).

I can totally see the Crumb thing. And you're right about Langridge's Rose: she's well... hot.

Mark said...

Phew! Thank god it's not just me.