Sunday, January 06, 2008

Give my regards to Sgt. Fury, or, Nice NIGHT RAVEN cameo.

Psst! D'y'wanna see some preview pages for THE TWELVE by B.L. frequent offender Chris Weston? Click here, and scroll down very quickly, lest you accidentally witness some Rob Liefeld. It's bloody lovely work, and is making me regret my wait-for-the-inevitable-Trade decision.


Dan McDaid said...

I tried to go straight down the Twelve pages but dammit if the POWERFUL SUCKING of Liefeld's pages didn't pull me in. My eyes hurt now.

The Twelve looks aces. Night Raven yes! Surely Marvel's weirdest ever character?

Chris Weston said...

Thanks, Mark. Appreciated.

Mark said...

I could always do with some more Night Raven. Someone should drop Paul Cornell the hint that he'd make a good choice for his new EXCALIBUR re-up. Every superteam could do with a mute psycho who's staying alive by sheer force of will.