Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Farewell 2007, or, A round-up of some crap I never got around to mentioning.

Ah, 2007. I remember it well.

Like Sean, it was the year I discovered HBO's THE WIRE with a passion, after circling it tentatively for a while. After this blog post, Brendon Connelly and I formed a hazy plan to collaborate on some kind of season one marathon/binge report together, about how the media had driven up our expectations of the show (in my case, Charlie Brooker's ongoing championing of the series in THE GUARDIAN), and how our reactions compared to these expectations, but then he put his blog on hiatus, and that all fell through. But I still went ahead and dug in. And yes, it was everything everybody had promised.

I've ran past the current from-the-start repeats on FX, which is now about five sixths of the way through season two. But now I've hit a dead-end, and I'm jonesing for more: I watched the season three boxed set in three nights flat after receiving it for Christmas (that's how you know your family is paying attention to that list you left in the chimney for Santa). And I now can't pass a bottle of Bushmills without exclaiming "but that's a Protestant whiskey!". In the bars I frequent, his may cause more trouble than it's worth.

The season four box isn't released in the U.K. until March, season five isn't scheduled to start here until July. Arrgh! Addiction isn't pretty, and will eventually drive you to break the law.

It was the year I broke a tooth. Bloody annoying that. It was the year I decided to go back to University yet a-bleeding-gain.

Also, 2007 was the year I formed this band. Pinching out those false harmonics, Billy Gibbons-style! Party on!

So, 2008 is in. Here's to everyone who thought they'd never see it.


saudade said...

I'll never tire of that photo.

IG said...

Oooohh, so THAT's what a Gibson CS 336 looks like. Gosh, learn something new every day...


Mark said...

Feel free to run that 'un as my Blues Face, Ig.