Sunday, January 13, 2008

Chairman of the Bored

I'm bored, no-one's about, no-one's updating anything. And as usual, that means I'm casting my eye further abroad for thrills on the internet. Which has led me to this: Giorgio Comolo recreating Jack Kirby pages as paintings.

*BONUS* He does Ditko, too!


Tom Dougherty said...

How about a link to where you found these?


Mark said...

Nah, f*ck off. Do I look like I'm at work?

Only kidding! It was via Red Sector Art head honcho Enrico Salvini's collection at

TS said...

I've fancied this one from the moment I saw it across a crowded room several months back:

(Mr. Comolo isn't into "tubing or tagging", as one will discover upon right clicking any of his fine art. Hmph, no biggie -- I didn't peg him as a sports fan or graffiti artist, anyhow.)

Mark said...

It's good, but I reckon his work has came on in leaps and bounds since then.

Tom Dougherty said...

Thanks, Mark! I'll capitalize your name in respect even though blogger won't.