Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm desperate, Dan.

Rich Johnston reckons Garth Ennis is inching closer to getting his shot at writing Dan Dare. That's considered just about the most prestigious gig in comics by a generation of British artists. How's about we have a cage match to see who gets to draw it - starting with Chris Weston versus Dave Gibbons. I'm a bit partial to Ian Kennedy myself, though God knows if he'd be interested in throwing his hat into the ring.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Grand Old Duke Of Northampton

The petition to award Alan Moore with an honour from the British establishment.

Yeah, that'll happen. I can see it now. "Hey, Tony, let's give a knighthood to the guy who wrote V FOR VENDETTA", "Yeah sure, why not? What's the worst that can happen?"

Scott Pilgrim GETS IT TOGETHER! Can I get a "fuck, yeah!"?

Hot offa the internet presses, the cover to Bryan Lee O'Malley's SCOTT PILGRIM 4. Everytime I plonk a Scott Pilgrim newsflash here, I get a big blank zero of a response. But I don't care. I'll keep doing it, 'cus Scott Pilgrim is the most grooviest thing being published today. It takes me right back to being sixteen, and feeling considerably cooler than I really was by reading LOVE & ROCKETS and DEADLINE. Yes, it's that good. So word up, groovy fuckers! Do you love to rock? Do you play computer games? Eat cheese? Have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with? Then read more Scott Pilgrim! It's what Amazon was fucking made for.

McMahon's TANK GIRL, take 1.

Just found this image lurking at Mick McMahon's website. I wonder when it's from, and how representative it'll prove to be?

For love or money.

Yeah, I shoulda done something last week to signify STAR WARS' 30th birthday last week and didn't. But you know which bloggers did? Ashley Wood and Sean Phillips.

Only coming through in waves

I meant to, and promptly forgot, to mention how much I enjoyed part one of the Beeb's new series THE SEVEN AGES OF ROCK (check out the fun animated timeline at the webshite). I thought its device of using Jimi Hendrix as the link between all the various suggested starting points for the Rock (as opposed to Rock'n'Roll) era inspired. So why did I find myself nodding off during the latter sections of the second episode? Clue: Supper's Ready by sodding Genesis. Comfortably Numb didn't help either, after a couple of Morgan Spiceds.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Send in the... nah. Don't say it, Mark!

Here's the first trailer for the new, 3D, animated STAR WARS: CLONE WARS tv series. My first reaction is why bother? What'll it add that hasn't been covered by the first Clone Wars series or the third prequel? And if Genndy Tartakovsky's not involved this time, why use the visual style he established? Surely that amounts to somewhere between plagiarism and cannibalism.

Monday, May 21, 2007

DC Get Done For Solicitating Again

Great Cover for SUPERMAN #666, by official friend of this blog Walter Simonson. I may actually buy this (Walter does the interiors as well). Spoo-kay. I've heard from various sources that his Dr. Thirteen shorts were the only thing Brian Azzarello has written set in the DC Universe worth a damn (harsh, given I quite liked his Superman run and loved his work on Batman, though I concede my worship of Eduardo Risso may have coloured that). So looks like I'll get DR. THIRTEEN: ARCHITECTURE & MORTALITY. Plus - great Cliff Chiang art. Double plus - Infectious Girl from The Subs!It's a bumper payday for Dustin Nguyen with three covers and 22 pages of interiors this month. One is channelling a young Mike Mignola, one James Jean, and another Ash Wood. Wacky. Here's the cover to SUPES/BATS #39. Nice Darkseid. He's also drawing the interiors to this one. This is a series I've neither bought nor even checked out of the library, mainly due to my allergy to Jeph Loeb, but this issue is written by veteran WB animation writer/producer Alan Burnett. My hopes are up - whenever the Timm-verse touched the New Gods, the results were always gold. The cover reminds me mightily of Mike Mignola's last big hurrah at superheroes, COSMIC ODYSSEY. I kinda liked Nguyen's last attempt at Batman, too. Oooh, I'm weakening. Ah, sod it. What's 1.50 between friends? Then this: pure James Jean. Groovy textures. He finishes the hat-trick with this 'un, straight out of the Ashley Wood playbook. Hmm - this cat could be about to make the leap from "one to watch" to "superstar".

More WATCHMEN casting cobblers... Though I find myself agreeing with many of the Talkbackers on the madness of casting Keanu Reeves as Dr Manhattan. Dude! Woah! Etc.

Sweeney, on his Todd

I received my copy of the Scientology PANORAMA EXPOSED DVD today, which must mean I'm part of the new media elite. Hooray. Just one question remains... how'd they get my address? DUN DUN DUNN!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

More general crap I've noticed lately

1. Those last couple of episodes of DOCTOR WHO mightn't have been that great, but they've been packed full of groovy foreshadowing, I reckon. That said, for those weird enough to not subscribe to Popbitch's newsletter, here's their predictions for later on in the series: "John Simm as Mr Saxon, the PM, gets taken over by The Master. The Master did this by hiding from the time war in the Tardis and waiting for the right body to come along (like in Hellraiser 3). The Master becomes a Timelord again by splicing The Doctor's DNA and temporarily taking over Dr Who's body. cliff-hangers at end are whether The Doctor rids himself of The Master, and whether the big explosion you see is Galifrey or Earth." I reckon that's only about 50% right.

2. Despite being terribly fond of the creative team involved, I totally missed Garth Ennis & John McCrea's HITMAN, not entirely sure why (general ignorance of superhero comics perhaps, or I may have prejudged it and reckoned it was cold potatoes compared to PREACHER). Anyway, this interview with Ennis kinda makes me want to go back and give it a go.

3. I asked Alan Martin whether the rumours of Mick McMahon drawing Tank Girl were accurate, and he said yes. Hopefully more to follow on that 'un.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Alan Moore's wedding photos...

...are up at Neil Gaiman's blog. I was amazed to see Alan Yentob there, before it was pointed out to me it was in fact his comics lookee-likee, Top Shelf publisher Chris Staros.

Rumoured in Bristol.

According to Chris Weston (so this maybe something he hallucinated), Mike McMahon will be drawing a six issue TANK GIRL series. Nurrgh... must... wash... jeans.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Oh, when I was listing things I meant to-and hadn't-blogged about the other day, that list should have included the conclusion of Judge Dredd: Origins in 2000AD. John Wagner pitched it to perfection, with those last two panels of Dredd and Hershey lying to each other about their respective last conversations with Fargo, and maybe lying to themselves as well (almost certainly in Joe's case). Brilliant stuff. While I'm at it, I enjoyed Wagner's state of the union story in the next issue (#1536, still in the shops, folks - wraparound cover by Henry Flint), too. It was a classic example of the summary stories that Toof like to do after a big Dredd epic, and featured some great art by Patrick Goddard, certainly one of the most improved artists of his generation. His work this time reminded me of both Will Simpson and Dylan Teague, which is good company to keep.

Sweet Christmas!

Cracking image of Luke Cage, Power Man in all his blaxploitation pomp in this week's Joe Fridays at Newsarama. Can anyone tell me who drew it? Names bandied about include Kyle Baker (I don't think so), Mike Oeming (maybe), and Jim Mahfood (no chance). I think it's got something of the Alex Maleev about it, especially in those bold brush strokes.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Stewart's town

Every now and then, I nip over to Cameron Stewart's website to see if there's anything new up, and I recommend every else does too.

Welsh mafia rules

Talking of the frontpage of the Beeb's Doctor Who site, everyone should sign up and have a go with their comic book maker software. Especially Chris Weston.

That said, some of the rules they expect you to sign up to are just asking to be rebelled against. These include: "Don't put your contact details (eg e-mail address, phone number) in your Comic. Don't use a photo which has anything in it that could identify you by (e.g. your school or street name). Comics must be suitable for children - no nasty or offensive storylines will be published. Please don't mention films which are certificate 12 and over, or refer to post-watershed TV programmes. Don't pretend to be someone else, famous or not! Make up an original username and be sure your comic doesn't include real actors names.) Don't put any rude words in your Comic. We will not be able to publish your Comic and you will lose your work."

Bollocks to all that!

Slow news month...

Yeah, sorry about that. Stuff I probably should comment on: the trailer for the second half of the current series of DOCTOR WHO that debuted on BBC3 last night - kick ass, the link is on the front page of the official site here (John Simms in an oxygen mask, drumming his fingers on what looked like the 10 Downing Street cabinet table = surprisingly spooky). SPIDER-MAN 3 - not expecting greatness, I'm afraid (disliked the first one; found the Ditko-disrespecting aspects of the second one annoying enough to take the taste off the better parts of it; the clues hinting that 3 could be the dopiest of the bunch seem to be proving right with every review I see). Think I'll wait 'till it's on tv. In fact, when I said this to a customer the other day, the guy's eyes boggled out of his head like I'd blasphemed against all acceptable geek conduct. I liked that. As I've said elsewhere: they'll get more chances to get it right, I'm sure.

Oh, and the Swifts - didn't they do well? I was reet proud.