Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Exclusive TANK GIRL news! I think!

Got an e-mail from TANK GIRL co-creator and keeper-of-the-flame Alan Martin today, with some news about the future, some you may have heard, and some of which might well be a B.L. exclusive. In yer face, Murdoch!

Just thought you might like to know that Rufus Dayglo and myself have signed up to do eight pages of Tank Girl a month for the Dredd Megazine, starting next July.
I'm pretty chuffed, coz it means that TG will be back in a Brit monthly again, which is where she belongs.

Also in the TG pipeline -
Carioca - 6 part mini series with Mick McMahon from Titan
The Royal Escape - 4 part mini with Ash Wood from IDW (one long story this time)
Armadillo! - text novel from Titan with new Hewlett cover
and plans for a lot more shit next year from Titan, celebrating TG's 20th birthday.




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jayzus! i didn't know frank sidemottom was a reader of this blog

Mark said...

Oh, I get it.