Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"What, Are you DENSE? Are you RETARDED or something? Who The Hell do you THINK I am? I'm the GODDAMN Batman!"

Okay, as a classicist, I liked this news story about the ongoing production of BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT. They're not wasting time giving Joker a, in retrospect, ridiculous origin story ("Oooh, I've been dropped in a vat of chemicals, I've gone a bit mental, fancy that"), and FINALLY! It's only taken sixty four years for Hollywood to figure this bit of authenticity out, the Bat-mask will be getting white lenses, in at least one sequence. It's so obvious, I can hardly believe it took 'em so long to figure it out.

I'm only linking to this because FILM ICK is on hiatus. And yes, I'd pay cash money to hear Adam West reading that line in his sonorous best.

BONUS REDUNDANT COMICS-TO-MOVIE TRANSITION NEWS! More JUSTICE LEAGUE movie rumours here. If accurate, this sounds like a decent actioner. Oh, and if any readers have George Miller's e-mail address, maybe they could tip him off about the necessity of whiting out Batman's eye holes.


saudade said...

I thought of you, you classicist, and this post when I was at a Halloween party last night and saw these folks and their homemade costumes.

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Anonymous said...

why are the word bursts covering that lassies sexy bits?