Wednesday, October 31, 2007

MAD MAX 4: Just the facts, ma'am.

There's been some strange, inaccurate and downright misleading posting going on around the internet in the wake of the rumours that George Miller has restarted production on MAD MAX 4: FURY ROAD. So here's the facts so far, as verified by a certain regular source for BAD LIBRARIANSHIP, I'm sure you can guess who.

The new Mad Max movie script titled FURY ROAD is based on a screenplay written by George Miller and Brendan McCarthy. And not as reported elsewhere, just by Brendan, who is a well-known British comic book artist and writer and a great fan of the Mad Max films. They spent about two years in Sydney writing and designing the feature. Brendan was initially hired by George to kick-start the fourth installment of the Mad Max series as story artist and designer. This was so fruitful that Brendan went on to co-write the movie with George Miller and also to create a new cgi animated feature to follow HAPPY FEET.

How much the completed MAD MAX 4 movie will resemble this
fully illustrated script remains to be seen. But there are plans to
publish the screenplay, complete with boards and designs, should 
FURY ROAD ever be made and released.


geoff said...

it'd be great to have something like "all down the line" by the hydromatics on the soundtrack [ ]. or anything else inspired or with scott morgan, an ann arbor secret weapon. so secret that i hadn't acutally come across any of his work at all when i'd have been into the likes of stooges, mc5 and radio birdman - not until i bought some pickup rings for the new york mini-humbuckers on my sg special from a dude with a video of a cover of a sonic's rondezvous tune. this is despite jacko babbling on about the hellacopters everythime i've seen him this last number of years!

Chris Weston said...

Some Questions for your "contact" (Hi Brendan!):

1. Was the reactivation of the Mad Max franchise a condition Miller demanded in return for handling Warners 2009 tent-pole project, Justice League?

2. Will it be an all new script, or will the old "Fury Road" treatment be dusted off?

3. Could we have Tom Jane as Max, please?

Mark said...

"All Down The Line"? Not the Jagger/Richards composition, surely?