Monday, September 03, 2007

2009 set to be a slow year for fans of DOCTOR WHO.

The BBC's masterplan to keep hold of David Tennant and Russell T Davies a year longer than everybody thought is published here. Just three specials in 2009? I've got five words on how to make that work: Do. The. Bleeding. Time. War.
Oh, and get everyone and their dog back for it. Paul McGann, sans wig. Christopher Eccleston. Billie Piper. John Simm.

Or will they keep all that for the movie?


Chris Weston said...

A cameo by Paul McGann is THE ONLY thing that'll get me to watch Dr. Who again. I felt a bit sorry for Paul, 'cos in no way did he disgrace himself in that otherwise poor pilot episode. It'd be nice to see him have one more crack at the job. He's aged very little since those days too.

geoff said...

do we know if it was mcgann or ecclescake that was the docotr during the timewar?

Mark said...

I'm going to be a big WHO nerd here - it was McCann, probably regenerating into Eccleston just after its climax, 'cus Eccleston's incarnation gets to check himself out in the mirror for only the first time during ROSE.