Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sir Linksalot

Interesting post over at our homies FILM ICK. First up, some positive THOR casting news (followed by some negative THOR casting news, but hey ho), and a rather scooptastic shot of Martha Jones with the TORCHWOOD cast. That's a cast that's shot up from 40% to 50% likeable with this addition.


Chris Weston said...

Mark... puh-lease. "Torchwood" is SO bad... watching those initial episodes was more painful and cringe-making than the Flexible Cystoscopy (look it up) I endured when I had a Kidney Infection.

Mark said...

Hey, I didn't say anything about liking the first series of TORCHWOOD. But I like 50% of the cast, and think if the writing crew would kick the stabilisers off the bike, it has the potential to be a decent show.