Saturday, August 18, 2007

more Pope here.

Hat's off to Chris Pitzer, Adhouse Book's head honcho, and a real class act. He's a real mensch, the sort of guy who fields all your daft emails, then, without prompting, tells little white porkies to the customs men on your behalf, so you don't get double-dipped by the taxman. And then throws in some cool stickers, too, gratis.

My copy of the hardcover edition of PULP HOPE arrived Thursday morning, but I wasn't home, and I picked it up from the Post Office on Friday. I'll just add my voice to the clamour: it's a great book, one that'll make you feel more hopeful for the artform, more awake to the possibilities it contains. Of course, you don't have to be a fancy dan like me and splash out on the hardcover (fnarr), just mosey over to your local comicshop or bookseller and buy the equally gorgeous regular edition. But if you do get your hands on the hardcover (and it's probably sold out by now anyway), it features this rather lovely handmade art print tipped into it. Mmm, Japonois-y.


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It certainly is a great book. Didn't get the hardcover unfortunately, but still, a great book it is.