Sunday, July 01, 2007

Would Mike Mignola have ever scripted the words "Hellboy confronts an army of undead soldiers" if he was still drawing it himself?

Would he bollocks! Fegredo is drawing his heart out on every page of this book, and the synergy between the two creators is crackling. Mignola is clearly having a ball writing this. Not having to draw the book seems to have been a liberation of sorts.


saudade said...

I absolutely love this series. Both the hubby and I agree about Fegredo. The whole partnership is very very good. Love the undead army bits. But it was the panels with baba yaga and Perun that really got me though. And Hellboy just chewing the fat with the Russian house spirit was grand.

Mark said...

Yup, this series started fine and then took off spectacularly with the second issue. And Fegredo handles both the intimate stuff and the spectacle equally well.

I love this page. If Mignola had been drawing this himself, the shot might have been something like a head-on, P.O.V from just behind Hellboy, the back of his head and shoulder visible. We'd see the front row of the undead horde, an indistinct mass behind them, with spears getting shorter to show how far the throng goes back. Fegredo, the quixotic maniac that he is, cranes the shot upward and draws the lot in insane detail.