Monday, July 16, 2007

second sighting for BATTLING BOY.

I've mentioned before how being a fan of Paul Pope brings its own frustrations, mainly how he'll announce half a dozen fantastic sounding projects, go radio silent, then turn up with something unrelated. Well, after first mentioning it here, we've finally gotten another sign that work on his book for First Second, BATTLING BOY, ("It's a kind of a fairytale kid Beowulf, or a Peter Pan with teeth. It's set in a mythical city called Monstropolis, a city the size of a continent that's overrun with monsters") is still ongoing. Here's a great image from the project that Pope is releasing as a promo card for the San Diego Comic Con. Love the designs, esp the big looming head of Battling Boy's dad at the back. Kinda reminds me of the P Craig Russell's Elric helmet. With Batman's nose. And Joe Dredd's chin.