Saturday, July 07, 2007

murder on the dancefloor

I sort of promised this, so here goes: leathery orange tory Tom Jones and Joe Perry, absolutely slaughtering the Arctic Monkeys I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor. Bloody criminal.


Ruth said...

Well Mark
I'm here to defend Tom Jones....not Joe Perry, whose guitar licks totally underwhelmed me. Speaking as a devotee of Tom, it was amazing how sedate his performance was out of deference to the HRHs and etc. In person he is still quite phenomenal and a total rush.

I listened to the Artci Monkeys version before hearing Tom's, and it's one of those great dividing lines between the generations perhaps. It sounded to me like a wall of sound...a complete mash of noise...and I think that's what your generation likes. It's not wrong, just different as every generation's music is. You all have grown up being bombarded with sound/noise/input from all side and it makes sense to you, even in lonely northern Ireland.

Just having my say and defending what are still one of the greatest pair of pipes to ever grace our planet - even if you don't care for how he uses them! Tom, may you live and sing forever!!!!!

Mark said...

God bless. You defend a singer with little or no sense of dynamics, yet accuse the Monkeys of the same crime. Tom's great at what he does, but what he does is one thing. Bellowing like a wounded ruminant.

But it's great you lump me in with the Artic Monkeys' generation. That's shorn a few years off. Cheers!

Ruth said...

Hello again...
"Bellowing ruminant" - good one. I don't care for a lot of TJ material either...ssshhh...he's getting back to his blues/soul roots more in concert these days. I used to wonder if he could NOT bellow also, but found out that it's HIM...if he doesn't bellow, he's not Tom and he doesn't sound like Tom! Ya gotta see him inperson to really get the power of the performer. It doesn't hurt to be female either.

What is the date of the James/Wilson video clip. Hub and I are in debate about when James started with the jumpsuit look. A big regret that I never saw him live....a friend of ours sold him a jumpsuit back in the late 60s.