Monday, July 02, 2007

let's get digital

It's good to see this week's Lying In The Gutters has a piece by Rich Johnston pretty much reiterating everything I've ever said about the need for a legal downloading service for comics. Groovy - as I keep saying, creating a standard for an "iTunes for comics" could be the tipping point that turns comics into a mass media again.


RAB said...

And Rich reiterates everything I've ever said on the subject as well. And we've all been saying it to one another for quite a while -- I've got e-mails with Rich about an "iTunes for comics" going back two years now. And we all keep saying it over and over and nodding at one another, and no one else listens.

Be a lamb and use the power of your blog to encourage people to stop by Flashback Universe and check out what Jim Shelley and company are doing there, won't you? I realize that oddball deliberately retro superhero comics by unknown new talent are not everyone's cuppa...but the books are made with real heart and there's a lot more going on with them than may be apparent at first glance. Jim has decided to go ahead and show the rest of us what the future looks like, so downloading and reading some of these might be edifying while we're all sitting around deciding what everyone else ought to be doing. And as all the Flashback titles are free, not one early adopter can complain he or she was cheated.

(I'm also biased in that he's a good guy and pays his talent more promptly than any print publisher I've ever dealt with.)

Mark said...

Cheers, Rab. Never underestimate the power of my blog! Mwahahaha!

RAB said...

I actually was going to say "the awesome and formidable power of your blog" or "direct the legions of loyal followers you command through the divine agency of your blog" but then I figured, why waste time restating the obvious?

Mark said...

You will prosper after the revolution.