Thursday, July 26, 2007

Iron Man - Verdict:

Yeah, I can live with that.


Trevor said...

Every time I see Iron Man, I can't help but associate him with some military general's wet dream.

Iron Man's rise in popularity, due in no small part to Civil War, is strangely also coincident with a more militarized, technocratic western culture. IM is to the 00s as GI Joe was to the 80s.

That said, as a product of said culture, he looks pretty awesome and I am totally going to see that movie.

(Though I am more excited about the new Batman--did you see Christian Bale in Rescue Dawn? He rules! And Heath "does the blood make you feel stronger?!" Ledger looks terrific as the Joker)

Mark said...

I remember long-standing friend-of-this-blog Brendan McCarthy posting a theory at Millarworld, that Superman's time as the great metaphor for America had passed, and we are now into the period of Captain America being the great comic book metaphor for these times. Taking his theory to its extremes, Iron Man is probably the better fit. He's the military-industrial complex, he's air supremacy, he's stealth bombing, he's depleted uranium shells. He's Donald Rumsfeld in a suit of shining armour.

And my biggest problem with the Batman films remains the same as my problems with Burton's movies. How the hell do you let an actor emote when he's stuck in a rubber shell? Shoulda wnt a bit more Adam West/Alex Ross with the designs. It would have been this easy:

Morgan Freeman: "look, we've made this new stuff that feels, breaths and moves like cotton but has the non-tearing capacity of quadruple-ply kevlar"
Christian Bale: "Cool."

Jeff said...

Fuck Iron Man.


And he rides a Harley in this one!!


As long as its more Raiders/crusade and not that Temple shite.Oh and spot on with the Iron Man US war machine metaphor.

geoff said...

er, yeah. rock on.

saudade said...

mark says: How the hell do you let an actor emote when he's stuck in a rubber shell?

No matter if it's Christian Bale. Can he emote? I don't care, I just want to look. Rubber skintight suit is the bonus.

Sorry, don't mean to add hot boy musings to a manly blog about beer, guitars, comics, and the US war machine.


Mark said...

Yeah, but wouldn't he be hotter if he was wearing something where you could properly see his rippling, manly torso?

Er, I was never confused.