Wednesday, July 11, 2007

cosmic dread

Like every other red blooded comics blogger, I love Jack Kirby's early Seventies output for DC. So when I see this over at Newsarama, my heart fills with dread. And not just because it's called THE DEATH OF THE NEW GODS: it's 'cus even though I admit to liking COSMIC ODYSSEY, that's purely down to seeing Mike Mignola having a blast with so many Kirby designs. Its author, Jim Starlin failed to get his head around the New Gods spectacularly (famously getting entirely the wrong end of the stick about Darkseid and the very nature of his pursuit of the Anti-Life Equation). He's not the writer to bring these concepts to a fitting end. Hopefully there'll be an announcement at San Diego that a more fitting imagination, someone with a mind on Kirby's wavelength (okay, I'll come out and say it - Grant Morrison) has further plans for these classic characters.