Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Catherine Tate returns to WHO.

Y'know, the BBC really are to be commended for the way they handle DOCTOR WHO's publicity. When the show is off air, and in production, they keep the show in the media spotlight by drip-feeding the tabloids a steady pulse of news, rumours and speculation. This latest announcement came as something of a swerveball (directly contradicting another rumour I always thought didn't hold much water anyway), and is sure to split Whovians down the middle between those who trust the current team and will hold judgement, and everyone else who hated her rather broad performance in The Runaway Bride.


geoff said...

y'know. been a who fan for years. continue to miss much of the 21st century run of the show, and the only xmas show i caught was that runaway bride one.

one word describes that am-i-bothered ginger bird in it. pish.