Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Guinness is good for you

Yes, I'm a bad boy who's been neglecting his blog for a combination of over-work, binge drinking and hangovers. But here's a few links that have caught my attention of late.

1. Genndy Tartakovsky to make a SAMURAI JACK film? Yesss! I loved that cartoon, and think Tartakovsky is a master stylist who could do something truly magical in a longer format. Plus, the fan in me wants to see Jack's quest end in a definitive fashion (link via Film Ick).

2. Ash Wood relinquishes much of the art duties on IDW's TANK GIRL: THE GIFTING to Rufus Dayglo. They slipped that one out quietly, didn't they?

3. Also via Film Ick, Sam Raimi selects his dream villains for the SPIDER-MAN 4 movie he may never make. Let's face it, he probably needs all the leverage over the producers he can get. The hardcore fans may be hanging out for The Lizard, and the character may be the sort of horror-based creation Raimi would feel very comfortable with, but he's already given Dr Curt Connor's "good mentor gone bad" arc to Dr Octopus in number two.

4. Rich Johnston says he's got a mate who's read a script from the middle of season four of DOCTOR WHO and Martha Jones is still in it. So yah-boo-sucks to the minions of Murdoch, who reported that Freema Agyeman was getting the bum's rush after one series.


PJ Holden said...

Saw some of Rufus's pages for this at the 2D festival - they were pretty lush. Rufus has to draw an insane amount of detail in it so Ashley can decide what he wants to rub out.


saudade said...

Yee-haw for Samurai Jack! Thanks for the heads-up.

Mark said...

That's like a bizarre inversion of the usual penciller/inker relationship. Or, like what Vince Colletta used to do to Kirby's THOR behind his back. The scamp!