Sunday, May 06, 2007

Welsh mafia rules

Talking of the frontpage of the Beeb's Doctor Who site, everyone should sign up and have a go with their comic book maker software. Especially Chris Weston.

That said, some of the rules they expect you to sign up to are just asking to be rebelled against. These include: "Don't put your contact details (eg e-mail address, phone number) in your Comic. Don't use a photo which has anything in it that could identify you by (e.g. your school or street name). Comics must be suitable for children - no nasty or offensive storylines will be published. Please don't mention films which are certificate 12 and over, or refer to post-watershed TV programmes. Don't pretend to be someone else, famous or not! Make up an original username and be sure your comic doesn't include real actors names.) Don't put any rude words in your Comic. We will not be able to publish your Comic and you will lose your work."

Bollocks to all that!