Sunday, May 06, 2007

Slow news month...

Yeah, sorry about that. Stuff I probably should comment on: the trailer for the second half of the current series of DOCTOR WHO that debuted on BBC3 last night - kick ass, the link is on the front page of the official site here (John Simms in an oxygen mask, drumming his fingers on what looked like the 10 Downing Street cabinet table = surprisingly spooky). SPIDER-MAN 3 - not expecting greatness, I'm afraid (disliked the first one; found the Ditko-disrespecting aspects of the second one annoying enough to take the taste off the better parts of it; the clues hinting that 3 could be the dopiest of the bunch seem to be proving right with every review I see). Think I'll wait 'till it's on tv. In fact, when I said this to a customer the other day, the guy's eyes boggled out of his head like I'd blasphemed against all acceptable geek conduct. I liked that. As I've said elsewhere: they'll get more chances to get it right, I'm sure.

Oh, and the Swifts - didn't they do well? I was reet proud.


saudade said...

The opening weekend of Spiderman 3 was probably huge because everyone wanted something to get the ass taste of X-men 3 out of their mouths.

Our friend went at midnight on opening day. He was appalled, and he said it seemed most people leaving the theater were, so I don't get this "doing well with audiences" thing.

saudade said...

Okay, gotta eat my words.

I loved Spiderman 3. The hubby liked it too, although he thought it slow at times and that there was too much going on. I left feeling I got my ticket price, and that was decided after the first "New Goblin" and Spidey fight and clinched with the musical number and emo Peter Parker.

I think you should see it in the theater, Mark. I'll buy you a pint or two if you're ever in the Bay and you feel like you wasted your money.

Mark said...