Monday, May 28, 2007

Only coming through in waves

I meant to, and promptly forgot, to mention how much I enjoyed part one of the Beeb's new series THE SEVEN AGES OF ROCK (check out the fun animated timeline at the webshite). I thought its device of using Jimi Hendrix as the link between all the various suggested starting points for the Rock (as opposed to Rock'n'Roll) era inspired. So why did I find myself nodding off during the latter sections of the second episode? Clue: Supper's Ready by sodding Genesis. Comfortably Numb didn't help either, after a couple of Morgan Spiceds.


Ignacio said...

I'm jealous! You guys "over there" do a much better job at documenting stuff like this, than us here in the US. Looks like an awesome show. And the timeline kicks butt. They even added Frank Black, that's freakin' cool. No way you would see Frank Black in any rock documentary here in the US.


Mark said...

Well, the Pixies were a pretty big band over here at one stage, and the clearest influence upon the biggest band of a generation that followed them.