Sunday, May 20, 2007

More general crap I've noticed lately

1. Those last couple of episodes of DOCTOR WHO mightn't have been that great, but they've been packed full of groovy foreshadowing, I reckon. That said, for those weird enough to not subscribe to Popbitch's newsletter, here's their predictions for later on in the series: "John Simm as Mr Saxon, the PM, gets taken over by The Master. The Master did this by hiding from the time war in the Tardis and waiting for the right body to come along (like in Hellraiser 3). The Master becomes a Timelord again by splicing The Doctor's DNA and temporarily taking over Dr Who's body. cliff-hangers at end are whether The Doctor rids himself of The Master, and whether the big explosion you see is Galifrey or Earth." I reckon that's only about 50% right.

2. Despite being terribly fond of the creative team involved, I totally missed Garth Ennis & John McCrea's HITMAN, not entirely sure why (general ignorance of superhero comics perhaps, or I may have prejudged it and reckoned it was cold potatoes compared to PREACHER). Anyway, this interview with Ennis kinda makes me want to go back and give it a go.

3. I asked Alan Martin whether the rumours of Mick McMahon drawing Tank Girl were accurate, and he said yes. Hopefully more to follow on that 'un.


The Meddling Monk said...

Expect Torchwood Cardiff's severed hand to be the origin of any Time Lord DNA Saxon gets his hands on.