Monday, May 21, 2007

Sweeney, on his Todd

I received my copy of the Scientology PANORAMA EXPOSED DVD today, which must mean I'm part of the new media elite. Hooray. Just one question remains... how'd they get my address? DUN DUN DUNN!


hartley said...

You are now officially one of the 100,000 most influential people in the country.

That was the good news. The bad news is that since you have received a letter from the Church of Scientology you are now a Scientologist (TM).

And don't forget to read the small print on the DVD: Freedom is now trademark owned by Scientology.

Mark said...

Yeah, I liked that they called their mouthpiece "Freedom Magazine". It's a little bit Orwellian, a little bit smacking of over-compensation. They might as well called it "Not Brainwashed Weekly".

saudade said...

I once moved into a house where a Scientologist had just moved out. In the basement were dozens of boxes of receipts for Dianetics from various bookstores. The receipts had the purchasers's name and phone number or address, and along with each receipt was a record of contact the former tenant had had with them regarding Scientology, sometimes over months.