Saturday, May 12, 2007


Oh, when I was listing things I meant to-and hadn't-blogged about the other day, that list should have included the conclusion of Judge Dredd: Origins in 2000AD. John Wagner pitched it to perfection, with those last two panels of Dredd and Hershey lying to each other about their respective last conversations with Fargo, and maybe lying to themselves as well (almost certainly in Joe's case). Brilliant stuff. While I'm at it, I enjoyed Wagner's state of the union story in the next issue (#1536, still in the shops, folks - wraparound cover by Henry Flint), too. It was a classic example of the summary stories that Toof like to do after a big Dredd epic, and featured some great art by Patrick Goddard, certainly one of the most improved artists of his generation. His work this time reminded me of both Will Simpson and Dylan Teague, which is good company to keep.