Monday, May 21, 2007

DC Get Done For Solicitating Again

Great Cover for SUPERMAN #666, by official friend of this blog Walter Simonson. I may actually buy this (Walter does the interiors as well). Spoo-kay. I've heard from various sources that his Dr. Thirteen shorts were the only thing Brian Azzarello has written set in the DC Universe worth a damn (harsh, given I quite liked his Superman run and loved his work on Batman, though I concede my worship of Eduardo Risso may have coloured that). So looks like I'll get DR. THIRTEEN: ARCHITECTURE & MORTALITY. Plus - great Cliff Chiang art. Double plus - Infectious Girl from The Subs!It's a bumper payday for Dustin Nguyen with three covers and 22 pages of interiors this month. One is channelling a young Mike Mignola, one James Jean, and another Ash Wood. Wacky. Here's the cover to SUPES/BATS #39. Nice Darkseid. He's also drawing the interiors to this one. This is a series I've neither bought nor even checked out of the library, mainly due to my allergy to Jeph Loeb, but this issue is written by veteran WB animation writer/producer Alan Burnett. My hopes are up - whenever the Timm-verse touched the New Gods, the results were always gold. The cover reminds me mightily of Mike Mignola's last big hurrah at superheroes, COSMIC ODYSSEY. I kinda liked Nguyen's last attempt at Batman, too. Oooh, I'm weakening. Ah, sod it. What's 1.50 between friends? Then this: pure James Jean. Groovy textures. He finishes the hat-trick with this 'un, straight out of the Ashley Wood playbook. Hmm - this cat could be about to make the leap from "one to watch" to "superstar".