Saturday, March 24, 2007

two Doctor Who stories

1. A one-day Doctor Who convention is to take place in Northern Ireland in May.Organiser UT Events says Genesis will see Colin Baker, Louise Jameson and Annette Badland among the guests.It will be held at the Park Avenue Hotel in Belfast on Sunday, May 27 from 9am until midnight.The convention will also see guest Q and A sessions, autograph sessions, photograph sessions and prize giveaways, say the organisers. (via Outpost Gallifrey)

2. Lots of spoilers and leaks are hitting the internet after last week's press junket/star spangled premier/celeb piss-up for series three. My favourite? "The third series beings (sic - great subbing assholes) on BBC1 on March 31 with the Doctor battling to get over losing Rose, played by Billie Piper. He and medical student Martha flirt heavily, and he travels across the universe for a date as she coyly tells him: "I only go for humans." But viewers will see the Doctor fall in love with ANOTHER earthling, played by Royle Family favourite Jessica Stevenson. Poor Martha is gutted as he becomes so smitten he almost gives up time travel to get married - until everything goes wrong." (via The Daily Mirror) Yay! I love Jessica Stevenson, too!


Anonymous said...

Annette Badland? holy fucd. the farting alien.

now nicola bryant. she can fart all she likes.

Mark said...

Sraping the barrel somewhat, eh? Colin Baker may have been the worst Doctor, but at least he'll turn up to the opening of an envelope, as they say. Still, I've fond memories of Jameson's Leela. Mmm, chamois.

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't say he was the worst y'know. i preferred him to davidson. mcgann was shite. probably the story though.