Sunday, March 11, 2007


Finally getting around to ordering THE WEIRDNESS by The Stooges tonight on Amazon tonight, when I saw a review by a guy called "Gio" from Torino, Italy. Now, the Italians aren't really that famous for their contributions to rock history ("Shaddapp You Face" by Joe Dolce, anyone?), but this guy seems to have grabbed the wrong end of the stick about Iggy's output entirely, showing us that The Stooges still have the power to confound, nearly forty years since their inception. More power to their elbows.

I wasn't expecting a great Iggy album cause I see some recently Stooges shows and I also remember the 4 tracks on Skull Ring played by Asheton &c. Sure they are an historic name of the rock history but they're not good at playing anymore...out of time,out of tune,out of everything. I love Iggy Pop and I like a lot of Iggy's album of different periods,from New Values to Instinct, from Avenue B to Naughty Little Doggie, but this time He reach the worst than I can expect from him. In comparison to this album it seems fairly good also Beat'em up...and it's enough! No music, no grooves, nothing at all...a pile of childish noises for some nostalgic guy. Incredibly bad!!!!!!!


geoff said...

y'know. for a chap that was so into the stooges, i still haven't bought their first album (i had half of it on a compimalation lp) or skull ring.

what's the chances of me getting the weirdness?

just listened to the damned doing 1970 again. must've been a long time since i did so, as i've just noticed that the ending of the song is their take on la blues :blush:

Mark said...

God, the actual album's a bit crap, innit. Sounds like they (mistakenly) think they're competing against Green friggin' Day or Blink Whassisnumber or sumthin'. I gotta blame Albini, 'cus left to their own devices, live on the festival circuit, they were sounding great before they went into the studio (big sax/wah-wah guitar freakouts aplenty). Ah well. Maybe they can get it together to make a decent second album.