Thursday, March 08, 2007

For Geoff.

Unreleased Jimmy Page riff to be retrieved from secret vault to save rock'n'roll. Sounds like the plot of a possible Tenacious D sequel.


Anonymous said...

great to see my name connected to something other than bikes for a change. mind you, everybody knows that lil chris is the future of rock n roll.

Mark said...

You should start another, non-bike related, blog. I'm pretty sure the world is ready for a blog about the inner workings of the Bell-mind.

Anonymous said...

tried it before. got tired of it.

at the minute all i want to do is rowk. shakey has my sound city amp and replacing bits and bobs. i am trying to work on my chops and get myself up to a decent standard again.

thinking of joinging/starting a one/two-man band to play pubs and make loadsamoney. could take me to the end of the summer to learn a bleeding pub set though - i know i won't be expected to play leads and shit, but there's a lot of tunes to effing learn.