Monday, March 19, 2007

All the fun, without splashing emulsion over your trainers.

Instant Jackson Pollack-erizer. Found this via Stuart Immonen's website. Groovy - knock yerselves out.


geoff said...

gave me the horn that did.

speaking of which, got me a danelectro fab echo at the weekend. effing instand rockabilly sound!

all i need now is the chops. i only know about three licks that seem to work and i'm sure people who might be listening in to me and my rockabilly jam tracks probably think i've bound to have flogged the dead horse enough by now.

never stopped me before, though. i've had more mileage out of unison bends at the fifth fret than chuck fucking berry.

Mark said...

I love my Danelectro. It might be made of chipboard, but there's a helluva roar out of it.