Thursday, February 15, 2007

Every picture tells a story, don't it?

Yup, solicitations week is coming to a close, with Image last up of Diamond's Big Four. In the last couple of years, they've transformed themselves in my eyes from being the publisher of the gaudy tat of the nineties to the artist's co-op that publishes a great little line of comics (GODLAND, CASANOVA, ELEPHANTMEN, STRANGE GIRL, and now MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS). In fact, they're now probably my second favourite imprint after Vertigo. But more importantly, May seems to be British-themed than ever - with, amongst other stuff, Simon Spurrier and Frazer Irving's GUTSVILLE debuts, David Hine starts reprinting a remastered edition of STRANGE EMBRACE, but most tantalisingly, it's the month Duncan Fegredo and Sean Phillips' book INTERSECTIONS finally hits. I first mentioned this book last March, I think, and I've been awaiting it like Pavlov's Fanboy since. Here's the solicitation text:

Art and cover by Duncan Fegredo and Sean Phillips.

Conceived during a repast of fine wine and nouvelle cuisine, Intersections is the meeting of two artistic minds. Sean Phillips and Duncan Fegredo play artistic ping pong with a sketchbook -- a drawn and painted conversation where punctuation is provided by the postal service.
Can you read between the paintings?

Intersections: A visual dialogue between Sean Phillips and Duncan Fegredo.

Intersections: The sequential conclusion to an excess of curry and beer."

And here's the cover: Groovy.