Sunday, February 18, 2007

Whilst lying about the house, doing little of note.

Not wanting to incense Bell Boy, but its another lunar month later, and another Observer Music Monthly. I like this fact, because it means I'm getting paid soon. And yes, it's another frustrating issue from that most hit-and-miss music publication on the racks. There's a big cover feature on a bunch of female artists who are considerably less important than the editorial team thinks they are (KT Tunstall, Natasha Bleedin' Bedingfield, Joss friggin' Stone), elevated and lumped together mainly because of that old chestnut, "they've conquered America". Ah, the British music press and its antique dreams of empire.

Yet, despite that misfire, there's a cracking excerpt from MOJO man Paul Trynka's mammoth new Iggy Pop biography, OPEN UP AND BLEED. There's also the most honest piece of music journalism I've ever read, by Paul Morley, pretty much putting the boot into the entire condition of his chosen form.

Also recommended from my quiet, cultural weekend - Zane Lowe failing spectacularly to bond with Nick Cave (and the rest of his "new" band Grinderman) on the BBC's THE CULTURE SHOW. Hilarious old coot. I'm sure it'll turn up on YouTube very soon.

Oh, and I made a trifle. It was delicious. Looked great, too. I should have taken a picture.


geoff said...

foly huck! albini recording the stooges?

Mark said...

That the first you've heard of it? If the stuff they've recorded includes the stuff they encored with at Dublin Castle, it'll be pretty much FUNHOUSE II.

Anonymous said...

That the first you've heard of it?

yes. i've got a little behind.

Mark said...

Yeah, right - lard arse.